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Serena Williams | The Iconic Tennis Player

Serena Williams has to be the most decorated tennis player of all time. She has been ranked as the No.1 singles player by WTA for 319 weeks. Of which 186 were consecutive, she has also finished as the No.1 player of the year 5 times.

The journey of great collaborations between Serena Williams and Nike started in 2019. It was the first of its kind of partnership, involving both parties and 10 emerging designers. With the help of the tennis player's leadership and Nike's expertise, designers from different backgrounds were gathered. The 10 winning designers later joined hands with New York fashion schools. And given 18 months to draft and craft clothing for Serena Williams.

It gave birth to the Serena Williams Design Crew (SWDC), a team of designers that worked well with the tennis player. Williams has admitted that her team helps her make some fantastic shoes. Nike even named the largest office building on its HQ after the tennis player's name. 

Air Max 90 Futura

The legendary American tennis player partnered with Nike to produce a light-coloured new version of the vintage Air Max 90. It was the shoe that consumers often neglected, but this collab gave it a new life. 

The SWDC helped transform the shoe from a runner to a lifestyle sneaker. It came with even more cushioning and decent yet bold colour. Moreover, it has rubber elements on the outer with a sand drift suede base. The white leather swoosh and a smaller purple enhance the shoe's overall look.

It has an iconic tongue flap made of corduroy-like material. The shoe has several motivational quotes spread all over it.

Nike Air Force 1 Low

The iconic Air Force 1 saw itself in a new purple colour that looked timeless yet funky from every side. It has tons of zippers around the upper part, which has become a style statement from Willaims.

The shoe gives a throwback to the Crip Gang, where Serena Williams spent some of her founding years. Moreover, it has floral patterns on the chunky upper white paired with gold accents on both tongue and heels.

It has brandings from both SWDC and the iconic swoosh on the side. Furthermore, Bruce Kilgore's sole unit adds more character to the shoe.  

Serena Williams x Nike UPTEMPO

The SWDC has always worked around creating colourful pairs of shoes. However, with the birth of this Uptempo, things have changed. This time around, the brand decided to create something decent yet attractive. 

It has a Dark Obsidian colour, making the shoe versatile everywhere. The upper part of the shoe is made of denim. However, the significant feature is the Volt details throughout the stitching. The mini swooshes and Space Purple all over the boots make it more interesting. Whereas the Summit White helps toning down the overall look of the shoe. It has AIR branding on both sides but is kept a bit worn out for a better outlook.

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