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From the Basketball Court to the Streets: Buy Nike Air Jordan 11 Online

From college basketball to professional sports, from the NBA to the whole world, Michael Jeffrey Jordan already caught people's eye with his talent in school sports and later thrilled basketball fans from the moment he joined the Chicago Bulls. But sport outfitters also scrambled for the young player who was to embark on a promising future. Jordan opted for the Nike label, under which he caused a sensation within a very short time, and not only in terms of fashion. First and foremost, they brought an unusual sneaker into the market together, with which Jordan ultimately triggered a scandal in the NBA: the Nike Air Jordan 1.

One of the NBA's basic rules is a uniform team image, which also included basketball shoes. Jordan, on the other hand, was so enthusiastic about his new shoe that he also wore it on the court in their red and black team colours. Even after a few warnings, he repeated this more than once. He and Nike were then fined several times. This breach of the rules was, of course, well calculated. Fans of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls became fans of Nike sneakers — and sneakerheads became loyal fans of Michael Jordan. In short, the Nike Air Jordan sneaker immediately gained a cult following.

More Than a Successor - Every Nike Air Jordan Has Its Own Face

The Nike Air Jordan 11 is more than a simple successor to the sneaker models that reinforced the cult following of the fashionable sneaker in the late '80s. Each model has its own face, which was given an individual style by Michael Jordan, together with the label Nike and the support of renowned designers. Today, the fans' love for this alliance remains unbroken and will be rewarded with creative colourways and extras for many years to come.

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