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So, with that in mind, the latest Air Jordan seems more than ready to usher in a new generation of athletes. The colourways presented so far look pretty promising, and we are definitely looking forward to the upcoming releases. To make sure you don't miss them, subscribe to our newsletter or download our free Grailify app directly onto your smartphone.

Nike Air Jordan 34 - Numerous Innovations

In order for the brand new Nike Air Jordan 34 to live up to its reputation as the lightest basketball shoe ever, the clever minds at Nike have developed a completely new sole to reduce the weight. The so-called Jordan Eclipse Plate consists of two PEBAX parts and a Zoom Air unit in the front area of the shoe, which are all supposed to provide the wearer unbeatable cushioning. PEBAX is a thermoplastic elastomer that is suitable for cushioning systems in sneakers due to its excellent material properties. We need not say more about the Zoom Air unit, as it has already proven itself in numerous models.

The Jordan Eclipse Plate is the latest evolution of the Jordan Flight Speed Plate, which has already been used in other models in the range. It allows for an even smoother transition from the midfoot to the forefoot of the shoe. Together with the innovative upgrade, this allows for even more explosive and, above all, controlled jumps during the game. In addition, the innovative plate ensures that the Zoom Air unit can do its job. Another clever innovation is the hollow core of the new Eclipse Plate, which makes the Air unit visible, thus providing a very original look. Of course, this also saves a lot of weight and is even supposed to provide improved stability. A Nike Air Jordan 34 in EU shoe size 42 therefore only weighs an impressive 371 grams. That's quite a statement and should convince some b-ball players.

But traction should not be neglected especially in a basketball shoe. The very rapid changes in direction, along with the explosive acceleration and stopping require only the best grip. Accordingly, the Nike Air Jordan 34 is equipped with the rather popular herringbone pattern on the sole, so that the necessary traction is guaranteed at all times, and you can always deliver your best performance. Some enthusiasts will have probably noticed that basketball shoes, in general, evolve a lot with each model. But why, after all these years, do they keep choosing the already familiar herringbone pattern? The classic simply proves, time and again and in terms of performance benchmarks, that it is currently the best solution. In defence, the herringbone pattern enables ultra-fast and targeted stopping, while in offence, it guarantees explosive acceleration.

Nike Air Jordan 34 - Unique Look

First and foremost, the technical innovations are intended to make the Air Jordan 34 an incredibly lightweight and, above all, comfortable sneaker. At the same time, however, they also provide a look that has never been seen before. The already mentioned Eclipse Plate makes the Air Jordan 34 look very futuristic due to the hollowed-out sole. In addition, the upper material is adorned with a fine grid, which clearly underlines this future-oriented aesthetic. And let's not forget the many different details that have been placed on the Nike Air Jordan 34, thus emphasising the unique overall look. The upper is equipped with Morse code, which stands for the legendary number 23. In addition, there is a special "J4-34,2.89-2019" lettering on the AJ, which perfectly rounds off the overall uniqueness of the sneaker.

Even though the Nike Air Jordan 34 was primarily designed for the basketball court, like every other model in the series, the sneaker also performs extremely well on the street. NBA players, in particular, praise the fact that the AJ cuts an excellent figure both on the court and on the street and is therefore also undeniably popular with them off the court. You certainly can't go far wrong with the Nike Air Jordan 34.

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