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The ultimate sneaker for explosive moves

The latest addition to basketball superstar Zion Williamson's signature sneaker line, the Jordan Zion 3 is an impressive combination of advanced technology and unique design tailored specifically to the needs of one of the NBA's most dynamic players. The shoe reflects Zion Williamson's explosive style of play and is designed for maximum performance and comfort.

The design of the Jordan Zion 3 is characterised by eye-catching aesthetic features that make a strong presence both on the basketball court and in everyday life. The upper is made from a blend of mesh and synthetic, combining breathability with durable support.

Technologically, the Jordan Zion 3 is equipped with some of Nike's most innovative features. A key component is the Air Strobel cushioning, an air cushion directly under the foot that provides exceptional responsiveness and absorbs the hard impact of high jumps and fast sprints. In addition, the rubber sole provides excellent traction that supports Zion in his quick changes of direction and stops.

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