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Big news! Jayson Tatum, the rising basketball phenom, has collaborated with Jordan Brand to unveil his first signature shoe in April 2023. The Tatum 1 is not just a shoe, but a masterpiece designed to meet the needs of the next generation of players. Tatum's vision for the shoe went beyond traditional boundaries, which is why it's made from a lightweight but strong TPU frame surrounded by ground-contact foam that doubles as a traction element. 

Jayson Tatum releases his first signature sneaker

Of note is the minimal use of rubber in the toe and ball area, which elevates the game to a new level. As a special highlight, the shoe features an unpadded Zoom Air sack in the forefoot for maximum energy return and essential ball feel. The padded collar supports the ankle, while the upper made from high-quality mesh knit not only provides ultimate comfort, but also style.
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