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The Air Jordan range is probably one of the most famous trainers of all time and has been inspiring fans all over the world for more than 30 years now. What began as a pure basketball shoe has now developed into an absolute lifestyle model and is also captivating the masses off the court. The Air Jordan 31 is now the successor and is set to top the previous sneakers in the series in the usual manner. We are sure that the legendary shoes will be with us for a while yet and are already looking forward to the next releases!

Air Jordan 31 - Unusual Inspiration

Tate Kuerbis, the designer of the Air Jordan 31, was in constant contact with Michael Jordan during the 18-month development phase of the shoe. One day he sat in MJ's personal LaFerrari, what else, as part of a meeting and was immediately taken by the exceptional comfort of the seats. This experience ultimately led to the idea that the new sneakers should definitely convey the same feeling of comfort. Further concept discussions with Jordan also revealed a pretty clear guideline. The brand new AJ31 should be as futuristic as possible in terms of performance without having to sacrifice a sleek and simple look.

Whether the Air Jordan 31 has really achieved this goal will ultimately be decided by the community's feedback. But one thing is already pretty certain: the new model has some technological marvels up its sleeve. The sneaker is equipped with a Zoom Air Unit throughout, which is particularly convincing due to the very responsive and lightweight damping and conveys a low-profile feeling. In addition, the Flightspeed technology ensures that a very explosive running experience is created. The Flywire used on the upper also encloses the wearer's foot quite tightly and can thus provide excellent lateral support. Not to forget the very typical herringbone pattern on the bottom, which can guarantee the necessary traction at all times.

Air Jordan 31 - Nostalgia and a New Beginning at the Same Time

When it comes to the design of the Air Jordan 31, there are very clear parallels to the initial models. It is quite clear that the latest release is meant to evoke nostalgic feelings. The AJ31 is also the very first Jordan shoe to incorporate both the signature Jumpman and the swoosh logo into the design. This unorthodox suggestion came, of course, from the great Michael Jordan himself. Tate Kuerbis was very sceptical at first, but finally placed the combination on the upper of the model anyway. In the context of this unusual design decision, the Air Jordan 31 heralds a completely new beginning, while at the same time recalling the first shoe in the series.

Accordingly, the history of the first Air Jordan was presented in a very detailed video documentation at the launch event of the AJ31. In it, attention was drawn to the fact that the initial model in its red and black colourway was once banned by the NBA. According to the uniformity regulation, every player had to wear sneakers that matched the team colours and the shoes of the other team members. Michael Jordan was therefore fined $5,000 every game he wore his new AJs. The label with the swoosh, of course, took direct advantage of this opportunity and personally paid for every single fine. The constant disregard of the strict regulation in fact led to Jordan and his new sneakers being found on the front page of the local sports papers almost every day. Nike could hardly have wished for more attention and publicity. To pay tribute to these glorious beginnings of the model, they decided on a mix of nostalgia and progress for the Air Jordan 31. The synthetic leather on the back of the sneaker is primarily meant to remind us of the past, while the new Flywire on the front appeals to the future of the series. Definitely a nice approach to commemorate a long-standing legend.

Air Jordan 31 - Looking to the Future

With the release of the AJ31, many sneakerheads often wondered what direction the series would take. Many feared that the models would forever be stuck in the past and would not bring any progress in terms of design. The vice president of the Air Jordan Brand, Yuron White, assured the press that they definitely want to push further with the AJ32 and AJ33. However, he affirmed that the appreciation of the origin is very important in order to be able to lay a stable foundation for the future. Accordingly, we are really very curious to see how the upcoming models will differ, especially in their aesthetics. So that you don't miss any of these future releases, you should subscribe to our newsletter or download our free Grailify app directly!
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