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Whether on the court for a basketball game or simply with a cool outfit. The Nike Air Jordan 8 belongs to a real sneakerhead, that's for sure. You want to steal the limelight from someone? Then put the AJ 8 on your foot and nothing can go wrong.

History of the Sneaker

Of course, the Nike Air Jordan 8 is a shoe with history. The sneaker celebrated its release in the same year that Jordan and the Chicago Bulls captured their third consecutive NBA championship.

The AJ 8 is the only model in the AJ range that has a crossover strap and other details that set it apart from the other models.

Material and Style of the Nike Air Jordan 8

The material of the Nike Air Jordan 8 varies depending on the colourway: leather, suede or nubuck. The TPU plate provides the sneaker with optimum support and stability.

In a very classic way, we can see a nice interplay between the classic Air Unit and the Phylon on the midsole of the AJ 8. The outsole, on the other hand, is made of a solid rubber compound. This is clearly a great combination of style and performance.

A striking feature of this model is of course the strap that runs over the shaft. This has two important functions. Sure, looking good, of course. But the functionality should not be forgotten either. The strap offers optimal support and a solid locking mechanism.

Opinions from the Internet

Yes, what can you say about the Air Jordan 8? Either you are an Air Jordan fan or you have to become one. These sneakers are simply classy and all have their own individual story.

Especially with the Nike Air Jordan 8, the users are unanimous. The quality of the upper is really quite high. That means the sneaker is really worth its price. In addition, it is reported that the AJ 8 does not need a long break-in period, which is of course quite positive.

Traction, durability, performance, style: definitely a thumbs up. Of course, it is also comfortable. The high-top collar also provides optimal protection for the ankle and prevents it from buckling.

The Nike Air Jordan 8 is perhaps a little heavier than other shoes, but if you can get used to that, you shouldn't be put off.

So if you like this kind of shoe, you probably can't go wrong. It's worth taking a look for yourself and adorning your shoe cupboard with such a trophy.

Conclusion on the Air Jordan 8

You make the right choice with this shoe. Whether on the court or just in everyday life. It always fits. The Nike Air Jordan 8 is easy to combine with casual and upbeat outfits and really adds value. 

For a sneakerhead, the AJ 8 is a must. The different colourways are simply unique and unmistakable. There are no limits to taste here. So if you don't have a pair at home yet, you should get one now :-).

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