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In the usual manner, the AJ 33 also places great value on the performance and comfort of the sneaker, in order to be able to call up the best performance on the basketball court at all times. But also off the court, the Air Jordan series has long since manifested itself in the lifestyle segment, so that the Nike Air Jordan 33 can of course also be worn in everyday life.

Air Jordan 33 - WTF is FastFit?

In the past, the Air Jordan series always focused on the feedback and needs of athletes and tried to meet their expectations with the help of the latest technologies. However, the shoes should always be clearly recognisable as Jordans and reflect a perfect symbiosis of technology and aesthetics. With the implementation of the innovative FastFit closure principle, Nike also follows this clear line again with the Air Jordan 33. Accordingly, this model also appeals to the feeling of flying, which has been visualised by the legendary Jumpman since the beginning of the brand. In this case, the very functional look of space suits worn by astronauts during take-off is used. The Air Jordan 33 is supposed to represent the FastFit technology and make it look like a unique design element. Sound familiar? No wonder, because the same thing happened over 30 years ago with the visible Air Sole in the first models of the series.

If we're going to keep talking about this ominous FastFit technology, we should also tell you how it works 😉 The innovative closure system has three special loops and a separate strap on the front of the sneaker. The loops on the heel and the shoe tongue allow you to slip into the AJ in a very relaxed way. The most fundamental function of the Air Jordan 33, however, is based on the separate strap that runs once from the left to the right side of the sneaker and thus replaces conventional laces. After slipping into the Jordan with the help of the loops, all you have to do is pull the strap on the front firmly upwards. This triggers a mechanism that laces the entire shoe tightly to the wearer's foot and provides a bombproof 360° hold. We're sure there are quite a few people out there who can get their laces laced up in seconds. However, none will be able to match the speed and hold of the FastFit system. The exciting thing? The entire mechanism has been cleverly integrated into the inside of the sneaker without disturbing the wearer or losing functionality. Releasing the so-called lockdown is also child's play and can be initiated with just one movement. All you have to do is pull a loop on the side of the Air Jordan 33 to loosen the fastener and take the sneaker off without any problems. Especially on the basketball court, the AJ 33 cuts an excellent figure with the help of the so-called Pull And Go principle.

Air Jordan 33 - Functional Design

As already mentioned, the design of the Air Jordan 33 was strongly inspired by space suits. They do without superfluous elements and strive for the highest functionality. This concept is also used for the latest Air Jordan model. All details on the sneaker fulfil a certain function and are visually emphasised accordingly. For example, the special loop for loosening the FastFit system has been kept in a yellow and black stripe pattern, which clearly underlines the functionality. Personally, this special colouring makes us want to finally pull on that darn loop! The rest of the straps and straps of the innovative fastening system also get a bright and attention-grabbing paint job. The FastFit technology of the Air Jordan 33 is not only functional, it also gives the sneaker a very unique and futuristic look. We are already looking forward to the future colourways and are very excited to see how the AJ 33 will look like in other colourways. So that you don't miss any new releases, you should subscribe to our Grailify newsletter or download our free Grailify app instead.

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