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So, it's not at all unlikely that we'll be seeing more of it in the future. Anything that has been in the sneaker game for 50 years is not going to die out anytime soon. And to make sure you don't miss any new releases, keep checking our sneaker release calendar or simply download our free Grailiy app.

adidas Superstar - A Long History...

Like so many sneakers at the time, the adidas Superstar was originally designed for the b-ball segment and was finally released in 1969. The current icon was supposed to be a low-top version of the adidas Pro Model basketball shoe and thus an alternative. Instead, the Superstar became incredibly popular and was repeatedly reinterpreted and re-released over the years. The shoe is now known by nicknames such as "Shelltoe", "Shell Shoes", or "Shell Tops" because of its unique toe cap. It is also counted among the main influences of today's sneaker culture. At the time, no one at the label with the Three Stripes really expected such a development.

During the time of its release, no one had ever heard of a leather upper or the so-called "shell toe". But it didn't stay unknown for long, because professional basketball players soon took notice of the sneaker. Even the world-famous superstar Kareem Abdul Jabbar immediately had his eye on the new shoe. The revolutionary technical qualities of the sneaker were also quickly copied by other basketball shoes, and the excellent protective properties were quickly represented throughout the NBA. This, of course, helped adidas enormously in making a name for itself throughout the States. Despite advancing technological possibilities in the footwear industry, the adidas Superstar continued to receive great recognition and made a very smooth transition from the court to the street. It was there, however, that the sneaker would ultimately make its most lasting impression.

In the mid-'80s, the adidas Superstar was one of the most fashionable shoes around and was even worn by the legendary hip-hop crew "Run D.M.C.". The band quickly made the sneaker their absolute signature at all their gigs. They never wore the shoe the regular way — always without laces and with the shoe tongue sticking out. Their love for the Superstar even went so far that they wrote a song about the iconic model. In the song, they respond to Jerrald Deas, who speaks out against sneakers in his song "Felon Sneakers". Of course, the Superstar's absolute lovers couldn't just let this go, and so the track "My Adidas" became a huge commercial success. The brand with the Three Stripes must have been very happy about this committed effort.😉 The release of the song in 1986 also laid the foundation for further collaborations in the sneaker scene. For the first time, a pure sports brand used the music industry to market its shoes. Something like this had really never been seen before.

The adidas Superstar is now an elementary part of the youth fashion scene and is therefore regularly worn as a casual wear sneaker. Even though it was originally intended as a basketball shoe, the icon easily made the transition into the lifestyle sector and has since been adored by retro enthusiasts in particular. Its very simple silhouette has already been adapted by countless sneakerheads over the years and can therefore boast of a multitude of colourways. This diversity and its ability to appeal to many different youth cultures and fashion movements have made the adidas Superstar a legend and an absolute classic for all eternity. The unique style of the sneaker can be combined with countless other outfits, so we should probably keep the Superstar on our radar for a while.

In 2005, adidas celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Superstar by collaborating with many different icons from the world of music, fashion, and art to release the 35th anniversary collection of the shoe. Even then, it became clear how important the legendary model is for adidas, and that new releases can be expected at any time. The 50th anniversary is coming up very soon, so every sneaker fan should definitely keep an eye on the Superstar.

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