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adidas Spezial
adidas SPEZIAL was inspired by keeping the true passion and understanding of the 3 stripes legacy. This was headed up by Gary Aspden, who endorsed this series under the names of some cultural figureheads, including Noel Gallagher and Ian Brown. This SPZL series by adidas offers a variety of apparel and sneakers all made with premium quality and focused detailing. 

What does adidas SPZL offer today?

adidas Handball SPZL

This adidas Handball Spezial has its roots in sports and it’s been a favourite pair of sneakers among casual sports lovers. It was first introduced in the 70s and since then; it has aged elegantly by still looking fresh and stylish today. One thing that pops out is its monochromatic design and velvety black texture on the upper base with a hint of white leather. While the outsole is made of rubber that adds an excellent grip finishing touch to the style.

adidas SPZL Yabisah Ibiza

Now let’s talk about another stunner shoe by the SPZL collection. For the first time, adidas SPZL brought back a Silhouette design with classic 3-stripes on the side, and yes, you have guessed it right- this super classy sneaker is the Yabisah. The agenda of this latest collection was to promote more all-white sneakers with a basic design featuring 3-stripes branding, leather-based uppers, and minimal details for extra breathability. To give this design a monochromatic kick, the rubber outsole completes the gap with its textured off-white colour.

adidas SPZL Adilette

Lastly, let’s talk about everyone’s favourite adidas SPZL Adilette. This season is all about all-whites and classic-looking footwear and these slip-ons are just the pair you’re looking for extra comfort and a relaxing walk. They are made of sustainable materials, and if we talk about their chic design, they have been imprinted with graphics all over with the brand’s logo on the top. These will be your best pair of slippers this summer so go grab them before they get out of stock!
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