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adidas Orketro | Retro Style Running Shoes

A shoe that can run you back to the 90s, adidas Orketro is made for those who want to experience comfort while living the old-school vibes. The shoe design brings back memories for everyone who loves retro designs.

Moreover, other things are optimal about the shoes. Its comfort is so infectious that users can't take it off once worn. The shoes will make you feel like you are walking on air. 

Design Philosophy

In this world of fitness, everyone wants to run a marathon. It is crucial to have shoes that support the cause. And the adidas Orektro rightfully serves the purpose. The shoes have well-rounded cushioning in them, which has been loved by everyone who has ever worn the shoes. Running all day long in these shoes won't be an issue.

Furthermore, people don't just want to run. They also want to look good while doing so. Hence, the minimal yet decent design of the shoes helps a lot. The shoe uses true-to-size fitting and is suitable for all. Moreover, this shoe would fit you perfectly if you have wide feet. As the shoe is targeted toward the running community, it is made to be comfortable for a longer period.

As for the iconic stripes, it doesn't have the adidas symbol on any side. Rather, it uses the logo on the toe box. Many consumers have applauded this innovation, as the company has tried something new rather than sticking the logo in the same place every time. 

The lines and their usage in the shoes are quite exceptional. It has narrow grooves that form a design on the sides, all adding more character to the shoe. It also features the adiWear sole.


The adidas Orketros might look bulky to an average consumer from far away; however, when we look into the materials used inside the shoe, things start to get comfy. Despite being layered with leather panels and fuse materials, the sneaker still feels breathable from every angle. 

Whether you run or exercise all day in these shoes, the mesh ensures your feet never get sweaty. Consumers have always loved the mesh design that provides optimal airflow. However, it also works as the downfall of the shoe. Due to the use of a mesh foundation, it is not suitable for the wet season. Water might get into the shoe and drench your feet, something no one likes. 


  • Mesh design with premium materials
  • Logo Placement on a Different Place
  • Retro yet Futuristic Design
  • Unique Laces (Also an extra pair out of the box)

Our Verdict

The shoe is perfect for people obsessed with fashion who want to stay fit. It has a mesh design, premium materials, and adiPrene technology for added comfort while running or exercising. Their only downfall is being more expensive than all the other running shoes. 

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