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The robust classic

The adidas Superskate is a classic skate shoe that came onto the market in the early 2000s and quickly became a favourite among the skater community. This model is characterised by its robust construction and functional design, which was specially developed for the demands of skating.

The shoe impresses with its durability and comfort, making it ideal for long skate sessions. The adidas Superskate combines a flat sole with a flexible but robust upper made from a mix of leather and synthetic materials. These materials not only offer protection and support, but also an optimal fit and breathability, which are essential when skating.

A special feature of the Superskate is the padded tongue and collar, which offer additional comfort and protection, especially in the critical areas around the ankle and forefoot. The sole is made from a special rubber compound that provides exceptional grip and abrasion resistance, significantly improving performance on the skateboard.

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