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adidas Yeezy Slide

adidas Yeezy Slide

The adidas Yeezy Slides are the most comfortable slip-ons you’ll ever find and will not compromise your style. They emerged as part of the collaboration between adidas and Kanye West. The series was launched in 2019 by offering multiple looks in various tonal colorways.

Kanye West has collaborated with adidas since 2013 by making dozens of unique hands-free and laceless shoes, but only some have been seen as retail releases. Originally, the adidas Yeezy Slides were only launched in three exclusive styles: Desert Sand, Bone, and Resin but now they have been expanded by the Soot and Core colorways.

The design of these slides is basic yet classy, only featuring two components - an inflexible upper base and a saw-toothed sole. Everyone loves this one-piece shoe due to its extra comfortable and lightweight nature. Many sneakerheads have criticised the minimal and aesthetic design, but who doesn’t like a basic, clean, and comfortable slide? And that is the reason they get sold out instantly every time they get released.

Design Specifications

The adidas Yeezy Slides feature EVA foam in the sole to provide lightweight comfort and durability and the soft upper base offers the best grip and comfort to your feet giving no rash. The outsole speaks for itself by providing ultimate flexibility and grip. 

Kanye West Influence

This adidas Yeezy Slide collection by adidas and Kanye West has been a truly inspiring collaboration for many of its fans and everyone loves it. It was part of the Season 6 Drop and this collection aimed to bring comfort and minimal design into the fashion world. We can proudly say that both brands have aced it! From clean and classy design to endless beautiful colours, shades make it everyone’s favourite. 

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