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The adidas Stan Smith is no longer worn by a single tennis player, as it can no longer meet the demands of today's athletes. Nevertheless, this does not change the continuing success of this unique sneaker, especially in terms of trendy streetwear. The trainer has already been very quiet a few times, although it has also celebrated a few revivals. So, it's all the nicer that the adidas Stan Smith can once again come up trumps with various colourways in 2018. Especially the beginning of the year should bring a lot of attention to the shoe, as we can expect a stunning collaboration with Pharell Williams. In collaboration with Williams, adidas wants to release a unique Holi collection, which is, of course, inspired by the famous festival. Accordingly, fans can expect some very colourful colourways from this legend! To make sure you don't miss any of these releases, subscribe to our Grailify newsletter or just download our free Grailify app!

adidas Stan Smith - The Trainer to Success!

If you look at it very closely, the adidas Stan Smith first saw the light of day back in 1963. It was originally released and sold as the adidas Robert Haillet, named after a former French tennis player. However, he retired without ever having won a single Grand Slam. Of course, this was not an ideal scenario for the label with the Three Stripes, as the player could not generate the necessary attention for the brand new sneaker. Accordingly, it is, of course, no surprise to anyone that hardly anyone knows this version of the shoe anymore. But adidas reacted quickly and brought a much more promising name on board. We're talking about Adam Smith, who, at that time, was first in the world rankings and therefore logically won some glorious titles. He was perfect for associating the adidas Stan Smith with a lot of success and thus making it at least as successful as its wearer. The victory at Wimbledon, of course, crowned the shoe's popularity. This partnership helped adidas grow, and the company established itself far away from the European markets. The penetration of the American markets, and thus a damn large group of buyers, made the company with the Three Stripes the giant we know and love today.

adidas Stan Smith - Once a Sports Shoe, Now a Lifestyle Sneaker

The famous sneaker may have had its day as a tennis shoe after all these years, but as a lifestyle sneaker, it is still at the forefront. It symbolises a unique vintage style, which is particularly evoked by the almost complete use of leather. This classic look of the adidas Stan Smith has been maintained for countless years now and is especially appreciated by minimalists. Its originally very clean look has always exuded a certain feeling of gentlemanliness. We realise that the Holi collection is a big contradiction to this statement, but every sneaker needs something refreshing, and tastes have evolved.😉 Nevertheless, only the heel pad was originally coloured, which formed a strong contrast to the rest of the shoe in white. Of course, this made for the very popular "classy" design all the more. The infamous Stan Smith silhouette should, of course, never be missing from the tongue of this model, because ultimately, he has also been heavily involved in its success. Not to forget the typical air holes on the sides of the trainer, which at the time, were supposed to let more air onto the foot than any other shoe.

Of course, the adidas Stan Smith also underwent some changes over this huge period of time. The change to suede and to more gaudy colourways are, of course, some of the most decisive changes to the legend. As we already mentioned, the demands and trends within the sneaker community have evolved a lot. But one should not forget that the adidas Stan Smith is still the icon of its time. The shape and style of the trainer are still unforgettable and are among the typically recognisable features of this shoe. This still makes it an absolute legend, which has earned a lot of nods in the sneaker scene!
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