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adidas Solar HU
This is a running shoe that you can and should definitely rock as a casual sneaker. The adidas Solar HU Glide is an extremely popular silhouette that was created in collaboration with Pharrell Williams. The sneaker was inspired by aviation and was developed for maximum performance. So you can run as smoothly and full of energy as possible.

Material of the adidas SOLAR HU Glide

Again, we have the popular Primeknit upper from adidas. It makes you feel like you're just wearing socks. It fits your foot perfectly and ensures a perfect fit without pinching. These really are the most comfortable sneakers you can have. The sole uses adidas' latest Boost technology, making it extremely lightweight, durable, and performance-focused.

What Does the HU Stand for on the adidas SOLAR HU Glide?

The bold branding on the toes is really hard to miss. The "Hu" stands for world peace. Or rather, adidas and Pharrell Williams want to suggest world peace. "Hu" stands for human, and they want it to refer to the equality of all people.

Opinions on the adidas SOLAR HU Glide

The fact that the sneaker is available in bright colours, as well as in simpler colourways, is very well received. This makes them perfect in any situation, whether flashy or simple. The sneakers are really extremely comfortable and make the shoe a perfect leisure sneaker. So, if you are on the go a lot and want to walk as comfortably as possible, this is the perfect sneaker.

Conclusion on the adidas SOLAR HU Glide

So friends, let's come to our conclusion. We can only recommend this sneaker because it is, in our opinion, definitely one of the most comfortable sneakers you will wear. The selection of different colourways makes this sneaker the one you definitely need in your collection. So, don't think twice and just go for it!
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