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As the name suggests, the ClimaCool should be able to provide maximum air flow, allowing athletes to perform at high levels with virtually no sweat. Unfortunately, not all sneakers manage to stay on the market forever. Even silhouettes as well thought out and aesthetically pleasing as the adidas ClimaCool are often replaced by even lighter and airier running shoes. In this case, however, the time out was not to last too long. In 2016, the sneaker made it back onto store shelves in an all-white colorway.

adidas ClimaCool - a successful return

Even though older models like to be taken off the market from time to time, they are at least as happy to make a glamorous comeback years later. The ClimaCool even returns directly in two versions for its anniversary. Both the original ClimaCool 1 and the ClimaCool 02/17 celebrate their comeback in the OG colorways white, black and red.

The adidas ClimaCool 02/17 tries to bring the spirit of the original in a modern design. It also features a mesh upper and a translucent gray panel on the side, which is strongly reminiscent of the midfoot support system of the OG. However, the similarities to the shoe from 2002 already end there. Instead, the 02/17 takes inspiration from hypebeasts like the UltraBoost or the NMD. This is thanks to the one-piece and tongue-less upper design and the angular toe box. Thus, this version strongly distances itself from the high performance focus and moves towards a genuine streetwear sneaker. In general, the 02/17 gets a rather futuristic touch and convinces due to its reinterpreted and minimalist silhouette.

However, this does not mean that the more classic ClimaCool 1 version would not look sexy. This one logically adheres much more strictly to the original and convinces especially with additional stabilizing TPU elements on the toe cap and in the midfoot area. The so-called ADIPRENE+ should once again significantly relieve the forefoot area and thus enable a smooth touchdown as well as optimal impact absorption.

Since both variants aim for a different look, they can also be super combined with different outfits. The ClimaCool 1 captures more typical boy band vibes, making it a great match for oversize suits and ridiculously small sunglasses. The 02/17, on the other hand, goes perfectly with striped track pants or a pretty over-the-top bomber jacket. But no matter what you pair these two sneakers with, they will definitely keep your feet cool while also looking fresh in the truest sense of the word 😉

adidas ClimaCool - the hottest releases

Finally, in our usual style, we present to you the hottest releases of the adidas ClimaCool. The revived sneaker can now convince with several colorways and should offer something for everyone. To make sure you don't miss any new releases of the classic in the future, subscribe to our Grailify newsletter or download the free Grailify app for your smartphone. This way you'll always be up to date and you'll never miss a new release again!

  • The adidas ClimaCool 02/17 Easy Coral belongs rather to the unusual colorways and captivates especially through its namesake coral-colored upper. The white sole rounds off the unusual hue nicely and harmonizes very well with the upper. Even though this CW may seem a bit gaudier, it still has an elegant charm to it.
  • The adidas ClimaCool 02/17 OG has to be mentioned in this list as well, of course. The original colorway simply fits the reinterpretation like a glove and convinces with the white mesh upper. In addition, the red-black accents on the heel and the shoe tongue must not be missing, of course, which really round off the model extremely well. Compared to the Triple White, this CW just seems to be able to offer that certain something again.
  • The adidas ClimaCool 02/17 White Carbon also belongs to the rather minimalist and clean colorways. As the name already suggests, the sneaker primarily impresses with its white upper. However, the typical three adidas stripes have been colored in black for this release. This may not sound like much of a change, but nevertheless it gives this colorway that certain something and creates a nice accent to the very clean rest.

Why have there been no more adidas ClimaCools for some time?

adidas ClimaCool shoes, which used to be very popular because of their airy comfort, have disappeared from the sneaker scene for some time now, which surprises some sneaker fans. There are many reasons for this. Sneaker brands often follow design cycles, which could mean that adidas is working on new ClimaCool models. adidas also reacts to trends and market demand, which could mean that other models take priority. ClimaCool footwear is particularly suited to warmer seasons, so seasonal releases could play a role. As new models take time to develop, new ClimaCool versions could be in the pipeline.
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