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Material of the adidas POD-S3.1

Here you get a sneaker with the popular Primeknit Upper, which makes the sneaker absolutely breathable and lightweight. The rear sole has been enhanced with BOOST technology to increase comfort. For adidas, it was especially important to create a natural running feel in this sneaker. The sneaker has a robust outsole that can really withstand a lot of wear and tear, so you will have a lot of fun with the sneaker. The lacing system is designed to give your foot the support it needs.

The adidas POD-S3.1 sneaker has already been released in many colourways and offers the right colour scheme for every taste. You can choose from black, white or grey sneakers. Bright accents give the design that certain something extra. Definitely a sneaker you can treat yourself to.

Technology of the adidas POD-S3.1

The "Point of Deflection" system was already introduced by adidas in the 90s. The aim of this system was to form an ideal division of the outsole to get a good balance between stability and cushioning. Yes, adidas was already working on this topic 30 years ago. Crazy, isn't it? Now this technology has been improved by adding a BOOST unit. This is to implement this natural running feeling even better. 

As already mentioned, the upper is made of Primeknit. This is a synthetic fibre that has been knitted to create a sneaker upper. The material was knitted in such a way that even very high loads are possible. This technology is also used in the latest football shoes from adidas. The advantage is that the shoes are extremely breathable and can adapt very individually to the foot. Sneakers with this upper material are particularly comfortable.

Opinions from the internet about the adidas POD-S3.1

Here, too, we have scoured the internet for you and collected the most important reviews for you. Buyers of the adidas POD-S3.1 find this sneaker extremely comfortable and would recommend it to others. The look from the 90s paired with the latest technology is very well received. The mix of EVA and Boost technology is simply ideal. The wearing comfort is very high, which is why many buyers would buy this shoe again. Due to the fact that there are many different colourways, the sneaker is very popular as a casual sneaker.

Conclusion on the adidas POD-S3.1

Now we come to our conclusion about the adidas POD-S3.1. We can only recommend this sneaker. The variety of colourways appeals to us positively. The shoe is absolutely comfortable and adapts ideally to the wearer to combine maximum comfort and performance. Although the design is from the 90s, it could hardly be more up-to-date than it is now. You will definitely attract attention with this shoe. The combination of EVA and BOOST technology is breathtaking and absolutely comfortable to wear. The attached loops make it extremely easy to get into the sneaker, making it the perfect sneaker for sports or leisure. So if you are looking for a sneaker that you can wear every day, this could be the sneaker you need.

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