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adidas 4DFWD | The Pinnacle of Technology

When comfort meets technology, the result is the adidas 4DWFD. Released in 2019, the brand launched its first iteration of the 4D sneaker. The shoe has a 3D-printed midsole with 17 years of athletic data.

The Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLTSM) technology produced the sole. At the start, the brand could not mass produce the shoe. However, in 2021 the shoe became more accessible to everyone.

Design & Appearance

Whenever someone is looking to buy a new shoe, they first care about the looks. Users like to place good looks over comfort and durability. However, adidas makes this preference obsolete. With running shoes like adidas 4DFWD, users can have the best of both worlds. 

The design of the shoe has two important things; the midsole and the textile upper part. Both components are intertwined in a way that complements the shoe's look, but it also makes them more durable and resistant to abuse.

Talking about the 3D printed midsole, it is not just a style gimmick. Rather, it is made with years of technology and data of athletes. The 4D structure has columns that create blocks. However, it is not limited to just functionality. With the help of blocks, one can see the light shining. Combine it with the reflective material used all over the shoes and it truly makes the shoe feel like something from the future.


Some might think as it is based on fancy 3D technology, it may have a lower comfort or the shoe may have a stiff sole that hurts your feet after some time. However, this is only true to some extent. It uses technology that is tested and proven to excel.
Because of the premium materials, the gripping of this shoe is on the next level. It can adapt to any terrain you set your foot on. It makes the running or jogging experience feel like you are on the clouds. It doesn't affect your balance if you hit a bump or a stone. The sole adjusts only the little part in contact with the obstacle. It also protects your ankles from any injury.


Just because it is made of new technology doesn't mean the brand doesn't value sustainability. No virgin polyester is used in the making of the shoe. The midsole uses 40% natural and renewable materials.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very Comfortable
  • Supports Ankles to Prevent Injuries
  • Premium & Sustainable Materials Used
  • Futuristic Design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Expensive

Conclusion on the adidas 4DFWD

If you are looking for a shoe with premium materials used all over, provides a good running experience and makes you look cool when you roam around, then the adidas 4DFWD might be the best choice for you.
However, if you want something more affordable that has less bounce, there might be better shoes for you.

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