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A classic returns

The adidas Centennial pays homage to adidas' rich basketball history and combines classic design with modern elements. Originally introduced as a basketball shoe in the 1980s, the Centennial reflects the aesthetics and demands of the era.

The upper of the adidas Centennial is typically made of high-quality leather, which not only gives the shoe a classy look, but also ensures durability. The clean lines and minimalist design are characteristic of the classic basketball sneaker style of the 80s, which is still popular with sneakerheads today.

A special feature of the Centennial is the robust rubber sole, which provides excellent traction - an essential feature of any basketball shoe. The sole is often in a contrasting colour, which underlines the retro character of the shoe. The sole is complemented by a comfortable insole and a padded tongue, which ensure exceptional comfort and make the shoe ideal for everyday wear.
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