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Running-based sneakers inspire the adidas TRX for your daily grind. These marathon shoes help you achieve all your running goals. It does not matter if you have to run miles, you can count on them!

How it all Started with the adidas TRX

The story goes back to the 70s when these sneakers were first launched as marathon running shoes. Until now, these trainers have not lost their performance attributes, and the signature 3-stripes design gives it a more vintage yet modern aesthetic for your today’s look. The 3-stripes has been an all-time favorite for adidas fans since the 70s with its unique retro-based designs and monochrome unlimited shade range. So, these adidas TRX shoes are based on the purpose of long-distance running for marathons.

These adidas TRX shoes are treated as a museum piece due to their long and rich history. Today, fans wear them as a lifestyle model. The latest change brought up is the unique color range.

Design Specifications

If anyone asks you a simple question, what style of shoes do you prefer wearing on a busy day? So with no thought, your answer would be, comfortable shoes. With their unique vintage look, these adidas TRX shoes provide the best comfort for your busy day. Moreover, one of its features is shock-absorbing technology in the EVA midsole, which helps you in quick transitions without discomfort. With excellent support, these were designed to help runners train and run at their best back in the 70s. More importantly, these shoes are made with Parley Ocean Plastic which also helps the brand and its customers to make more positive steps towards the change.
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