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More than 20 years ago, the Nike Air Max 95 saw the light of day and completely changed the high-performance running shoe scene. With its wavy upper and different shades of grey with various neon yellow accents, the original model took a very daring and provocative step at the time.

As it is often the case, nothing comparable had been seen in the sneaker world before. The label with the Swoosh often likes to imbue a breath of fresh air into the design of new shoes by bringing in designers from other sneakers. In the case of the Air Max 95, this was Sergio Lozano, who already had a lot of experience with tennis and training shoes. As it turned out later, this was an absolute stroke of luck that would eventually make the Nike Air Max 95 big. Like many other models in the series, it's hard to imagine today without it as it has been delighting countless fans for more than 20 years. That's why Nike continues to provide us with many fresh colourways that always create a lot of hype. To make sure you don't miss a new release of this unique shoe, make sure to download our free Grailify app. One thing is for sure, the Air Max 95 will continue to impress with its look in the future!

Nike Air Max 95 - The Recipe for Success

In the early '90s, Nike basketball shoes were on the rise, leaving hardly any room for sneakers in other segments. The countless running shoes were losing more and more public interest, no matter how good they looked. Sergio Lozano pursued the incredibly daring plan of recapturing attention, which was to give running shoes like the Air Max 95 a whole new meaning. Lozano thus already had an ambitious vision, but he still lacked a story that connected him to his project. What would Nike shoes be without their unique history? In cliché fashion, Sergio gained his inspiration during a rainy day at Nike's HQ in Oregon. He was looking across the nearby lake at the trees on the shore. He watched the rain seep into the ground and imagined a possible connection to his project. Lozano found it utterly fascinating to transfer the process of erosion to the design of his shoes. This probably also explains the relatively abrupt fading of the grey tones on the Nike Air Max 95. He was also heavily influenced by the shapes of human muscle tissue and vertebral bones, which were also incorporated into the look. Thus, the finished Air Max was equipped with layered elements on the upper to represent the aforementioned muscle tissue. Not to forget the nylon lacing holes, but they are supposed to represent the ribs of a human being. The different shades of grey influenced by nature and the midsole inspired by the spine are, of course, also worth mentioning. All in all, the Nike Air Max 95 is a sneaker that easily convinces us with its daring design and has once again directed a lot of hype towards running shoes.

Nike Air Max 95 - Risk Pays off

From the beginning, Sergio Lozano wanted to minimise signs of wear on his shoe by using mainly grey colour tones. Many assumed that this colourway would never catch on, but that turned out to be quite the wrong assumption. The neon yellow accents, in particular, give the original Air Max 95 that certain something and harmonise perfectly with the various shades of grey. It's probably these small details that make the shoe so appealing in the first place.

Interestingly, the first prototype of the Nike Air Max 95 broke a then unwritten law of the label: It did not have a single Swoosh on the shoe. A sneaker without the well-known Swoosh simply isn't a Nike sneaker. In the end, the symbol was placed on the Air Max, but in a very unorthodox place. The unusually small Swoosh was placed in the heel area and was thus far away from the usual location. According to Sergio Lozano, it simply could not distract from the unique design of the upper. That's why he had the original idea to just leave it out completely. In general, the shoe initially caused a lot of controversy, and people did not believe that such a provocative sneaker could turn the market upside down. However, Sergio Lozano's design skills knocked everyone's socks off and delivered a sexy release that has once again drawn a lot of attention to high-performance running shoes.

The five most popular Nike Air Max 95

The Nike Air Max 95 "Neon" is undoubtedly one of the most iconic colourways. It first appeared in 1995 and laid the foundation for the model series. Its distinctive grey-neon upper and neon accents on the eyelets, tongue logo and Air units have made this colourway a timeless favourite.

The Nike Air Max 95 "Silver Bullet" is also very popular in the sneaker scene. Inspired by the fast trains in Japan, it has a silver upper with red accents and reflective details.

But how could you talk about the AM95 without mentioning the Nike Air Max 95 "Grape"? This colourway combines different shades of purple and turquoise on the upper, giving it a fresh and vibrant look. It also made its debut in 1995.

Asymmetrical designs have always been popular with sneakerheads and so an asymmetrical Air Max 95 was also created. This colourway is called the Nike Air Max 95 "Greedy" and uses different OG colours of the Air Max 95 on both sides of the shoe.

Also high on the list is the Air Max 95 "Animal Pack", a collaboration between Nike and the well-known sneaker store atmos. This version of the sneaker has an upper with animal fur prints in different textures and colours, including leopard, zebra and tiger.

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