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Nike Air Foamposite
The well-known icon introduced a completely unconventional and, above all, unique design language at its debut and brought it to the basketball court and the street. There is absolutely no doubt that the Foamposite is one of the most important models from Nike and has had an incredible influence on today's footwear since its birth.

Nike Air Foamposite - Sneaker with Vision

The designer of the classic, Eric Avar, wanted to create a sneaker with the Foamposite technology that would wrap around the foot like liquid foam and thus offer a very dynamic fit. In addition, the innovative model should of course also deliver significantly improved durability and thus be far ahead of the basketball shoes of the time. After years of development, Avar finally managed to realise this bold vision and set a milestone in sneaker history with the Nike Air Foamposite in 1997.

Nike Air Foamposite - The Chronicle of the Shoe

The Foamposite technology first saw the light of day in 1997 and was used in two versions: the Nike Air Foamposite One and the Air Foamposite Pro. Penny Hardaway was the first basketball player to release the One model in the original colourway. This version therefore also included the athlete's famous 1CENT logo. On the other hand, there was of course also the Nike Air Foamposite Pro, which differed from the first version mainly due to the missing Penny Hardaway branding and the additional "jewel" swooshes. The Foamposite Pro also received its retro re-release before the Foamposite One.

This retro release of the Pro model first saw the light of day in 2001 and was then released in seven different colourways. After a very long hiatus, the Foamposite One finally made its comeback in 2007 and was released in four colourways. Among them was the original Royal CW, which was worn by Hardaway at the time. Although some colourways were extremely well received at the time, the other CWs sold quite poorly. Between 2009 and 2012, however, the Nike Air Foamposite built up more and more momentum and inspired with releases like the "Eggplant" and the "Copper". The big breakthrough came in February 2012 when the first Galaxy colourway was released for the sneaker. This colourway was particularly impressive because of the galaxy design that gave it its name, which ran completely around the entire shoe. Something like this had never been seen before. In addition, the new release could be seen on the feet of the players during the All-Star Weekend, which led to even greater hysteria. The hype even went so far that Nike had to cancel their online release and many stores were also unable to sell the shoe due to supply shortages.

Since this very successful re-release, things have been going pretty well for the Nike Air Foamposite. Again and again the sneaker world gets to see new colourways and it doesn't seem like that will change anytime soon. Even if some releases occasionally have to struggle with weak sales figures, the limited and especially hyped CWs are always sold out straight away. We are definitely curious to see how the Nike Air Foamposite will develop in the coming years and whether it will still have what it takes to achieve sold-out status in the future. To make sure you don't miss a new release of the classic, subscribe to our newsletter or download our free Grailify Sneaker App for your smartphone.

Nike Air Foamposite - The Hottest Colourway at the Moment

  • The Nike Air Foamposite One Snakeskin was released in June 2019 and impresses with its very eye-catching style. In typical Foamposite style, the so-called Snakeskin graphic runs across the entire upper of the shoe. The black and white pattern is anything but subtle, but that is precisely why the silhouette has a very special aesthetic. The bright red sole also provides a nice contrast and draws even more attention to the wearer's feet. The release is certainly not for the minimalists among us, but should appeal to fans of bright colours and eye-catching sneakers.
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