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Nike's "Flyknit" Technology

To understand the success of the Flyknit Racer, you have to start a little earlier, with Nike's achievements in research and development. "Flyknit" refers to Nike's new upper material, which Nike says it has spent over ten years researching and optimising.

With the neon yellow Flyknit Racer, Nike made its first public appearance with the new upper in February 2012. Since then, the technology has been transferred to almost all areas of Nike. Nowadays, there are football boots, basketball shoes, apparel and much more that contain the Flyknit material.

What exactly is "Flyknit"?

But what exactly is this "Flyknit" supposed to be? Basically, Flyknit is a yarn that enormous knitting machines, specially made for the creation of the products, process into a one-piece upper material. The shoes are sewn, so to speak, which was a world first when it was introduced in 2012. The designers worked very closely with professional athletes to meet their needs, as the original focus was on creating high-end performance shoes for a wide range of sports.

Nike created an ultra-lightweight yet durable material that is still used and loved by countless athletes today.

The Flyknit Racer in the Sneaker Scene

Although the material and the shoe were primarily developed for use in sports, it didn't take long for the sneaker scene to catch wind of the novel silhouette and upper.

At the 2012 Summer Games, Nike not only used this shoe on Phelps, but on pretty much every athlete who was under Nike's contract during the Games. As a result, many national and international heroes were aired in their Flyknit Racers on TV broadcasts that summer. Finally, there were quite a few records that went viral, not to mention Phelps' 22nd medal, which made him the athlete with the most Olympic medals. This was clearly the time when the Flyknit Racer also gained traction with the general public.

Many Novel Qualities

Even if we ordinary consumers are not active at the Olympic level, we can still benefit from many advantages of the new technology. The novel methods create an even more comfortable fit on the consumer's foot. In the case of the Nike Flyknit Trainer, this promises an almost inconspicuous merging with the body. Often the comparison to putting on a sock is made when talking about this model.  Along with a certain wearing comfort, there is also a certain lightness that must be given in order to offer this. The manufacturer promises a weight loss of around 60 grams compared to conventional production methods. Now some of you may think, what difference should 60 grams make? On paper, that seems like a pretty small number, but you should keep in mind that a shoe usually only weighs around 300 grams. A much lighter wearing experience. Accordingly, nothing stands in the way of beating Usain Bolt's world record ;) The Nike Flyknit Trainer also offers you a much airier experience compared to other shoes. Those who often have to struggle with sweaty feet should also get their money's worth thanks to the innovative technology. The unique fibre structure of the knitted fabric allows air to permeate more easily and accordingly helps to keep your beloved feet breathing. A nice bonus to the positive attributes is the environmental aspect of the shoes. Due to the special knitting technique, it is possible to produce the Flyknit models with on average 60% less final waste. So why not buy a pair of very chic Nike Flyknit trainers and protect the environment a little at the same time ;).

Nike Flyknit Trainer - Athletes as Marketers of Technology

Whether you're a high-performance athlete or an everyday consumer, the Flyknit has something to offer everyone. But due to the high adaptability of the shoe to the most diverse needs, Nike has managed to inspire and attract especially athletes with this model. And that's exactly what the well-known brand made perfect use of. Athletes from all kinds of sports now wear shoes with the special Flyknit technology and are thrilled by the increased performance. This has led to some top athletes even wearing the model during one of their big milestones. For example, Kobe Bryant became the third highest scorer in all of NBA history while wearing a Nike shoe with Flyknit technology. The prime example here is, of course, the 2014 World Cup football final against Argentina. Mario Götze scored the decisive goal with a very special shoe and three guesses which very special technology was involved? That's right, once again Flyknit had a hand in it. Such big sporting events have always been discreetly accompanied by Nike's latest product. Ingenious marketing, isn't it? They are far from the only ones using such techniques in the production of their shoes anymore, but they have still perfectly established their brand in terms of Flyknit and can count themselves as winners of this battle. To not miss any important releases of the Nike Flyknit Trainers anymore, it's best to download our free Grailify app.

Hot Release of the Nike Flyknit Trainer

As usual, we don't want to keep the hottest release of the model from you. Maybe this will give you a taste for the unique Flyknit technology and treat yourself to a pair soon.
  • The Nike Flyknit Trainer in Pale Grey made its debut in August 2017 and came up trumps with a simple design. The typical Flyknit pattern blends perfectly with the black elements of the shoe. At the same time, the white midsole helps keep the overall colour scheme nice and subtle. The characteristic black line adds another nice accent and offers the usual recognition value of the model.

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