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Nike Terminator
The Nike Terminator, a timeless basketball shoe, was first introduced in 1985. Designed to compete with popular basketball shoes of its time such as the Converse Weapon and the adidas Superstar, the Terminator has gained remarkable cultural relevance over the years. Its signature high-top design with a leather or suede upper, perforated toe box, padded tongue and Velcro ankle strap not only gave it a striking aesthetic, but also provided the necessary grip on the basketball court. The continuous release of different colourways and editions has made the Terminator a symbol of retro basketball shoes that has left its mark on both basketball performance and the streetwear scene.

Legendary silhouette and streetwear icon

The legendary silhouette of the Nike Terminator has been reinterpreted and updated over the years to reflect changing trends. In the late 2000s, the shoe experienced a renaissance as a popular model in streetwear culture. Collaborations with designers and artists resulted in exciting special editions and unique colourways that made the shoe popular in the sneaker community. The Terminator was also appreciated by various skateboarders for its durability and grip on the board, leading to a cross-over between basketball and skateboarding. 

Timeless sneaker classic

In recent years, Nike has continued to reissue the Terminator as part of its retro and vintage line, bringing it back into the focus of sneaker fans. The Terminator's classic look and old-school flair have made it a must-have for collectors and retro sneaker lovers. The revival of the Terminator has also helped preserve nostalgia for the golden age of basketball and sneaker culture. While the Terminator may not enjoy the same media attention as other iconic Nike models, it is still a staple in sneaker history. With its rich history, diverse design options and cultural influences, the Nike Terminator will undoubtedly continue to be considered a timeless classic in the world of sneakers.

COMME des GARÇONS releases three Nike Terminator collaborations

As they do every year, COMME des GARÇONS and Nike are working on several shoe collaborations. One of them is the CDG x Nike Terminator, which has been circulating the internet since summer 2022. The duo has put together three fresh colourways for their latest initiative: "Black", "Navy" and "Red". All variants are made of fine leather with white surfaces, while accents in the respective colours can be found on the overlays, swooshes and heels. As with many previous CDG x Nike collaborations, the branding on each pair is kept minimal, with the left heel of each model bearing the words "CDG" while the right shoe features the familiar "Nike" lettering.
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