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Converse Weapon CX
The Converse Weapon CX is an innovative reinterpretation of a classic basketball shoe that dominated the court in the 1980s. This modernised sneaker honours its historical heritage by incorporating design elements from the original, while keeping up with the latest in sneaker culture with advanced technologies and materials.

At the centre of the Weapon CX is Converse's CX technology, a revolutionary innovation that focuses on comfort and flexibility. This technology consists of a special foam that provides exceptional cushioning and a stretchy inner lining that allows for a sock-like fit. These features make the shoe an everyday companion that cuts a fine figure both on the basketball court and in the urban jungle.

A journey through time in trainers that combines heart and sole

Aesthetically, the Weapon CX combines past and present with a timeless design that is given a fresh touch with modern colours and details. Its robust silhouette reflects the aesthetics of the 80s, while the modern materials and improved sole technology give the shoe a futuristic touch. With the Weapon CX, Converse proves once again that classic shoes can be reinvented without losing their soul.
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