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As early as 1898, four businessmen founded the Saucony company on the Saucon River in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. For a long time it remained quite quiet around the company, only many years later the merger with the Hyde company from Cambridge brought the desired success. One of the highlights at the beginning was clearly the award of a well-known US magazine with the "Best Quality" award. In 1998, even Hyde Athletics officially changed its name to Saucony Inc.!

The Trendsetters of the Time

In 1981 Saucony launched the "Jazz" model and laid the foundation for the characteristic Saucony fit. At the time, it was the most modern running shoe and the Jazz is still sold today. Saucony fans will definitely be familiar with the Jazz sneaker, but Saucony has many more retro sneakers to offer that have made it into the 21st century... for example the Shadow 5000 or the GridSD. If there's one thing we've learned in the last few years, it's that the classics sell great!

What's New with Saucony?

Lots of collabs, especially lots of cool collabs! Collector's items that really blow your mind!

Take, for example, the latest project from Saucony and Afew: In October 2017, a new model is to be released with the theme Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Are you wondering what such a sneaker should look like? Well, how about excerpts from his poems in combination with beautiful suede? Sounds very promising to me!

Or how do you like the collab with "The Good Will Out"?  The sneaker was inspired by the nostalgic VHS video tapes and has a corresponding colourway with a lot of black. The highlight of the sneaker is clearly the colourful back, which is supposed to reproduce the colourful test strip from the TV. Selected customers are even said to have received original video cassettes with films from the 80s. Simply cool! 😊
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