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KITH  | The Ultra Collaborator

Kith is a lifestyle brand that was founded by Ronnie Fieg, who is a well-known guy when it comes to the footwear industry. With his more than 20 years of hands- on experience, the collab was destined to be a hit. Fieg has been part of the footwear industry since he was 12, working as a stock boy.

The boy was always motivated and worked hard, which helped him grow into a salesperson, a manager and eventually a head buyer. Since then, he has not looked back and works on making some of the wisest decisions regarding apparel. He likes to work with brands that have a character to them or brands he saw growing up. His philosophy is to make every product worth every cent people spend.

He established his brand in 2011 and worked for several things. The multi-functional brand has clothes and shoes for men, women and kids, with stores opening in every corner of the world. The brand is focused on providing a never-like-before experience to its customers by satisfying all and every need.

The brand has shifted from a passion project to having multiple stores and businesses, from apparel to cereal. Kith has it all, and the brand is still achieving newer heights of success.

Kith x adidas Ultra Boost

The Ultra Boost was already a widely loved technology by adidas, and Kith only provided more character. The multi-colour prime knit sets it apart from its competition by being comfy and breathable at the same time. The fused areas on the side support your feet as you run or play around. 

The thickness of the upper part is better than other shoes. It makes the shoe a bit warmer, so remember before wearing it to a hot place. Moreover, there is cushioning on the inside of the shoe. It provides comfort and support as you walk around in them. 

Kith and adidas care about you; thus, apart from the multi-coloured laces, they have included more options in the box for you. Users will get red and white primeknit laces to further style their shoes.

However, it comes in standard packaging, which can disappoint some. Most brands customize the box, as it only elevates the user experience of buying a collaborated product.

Kith x adidas Terrex EEA Trail

As the name suggests, this shoe was released for the liking of every trail lover. It provides comfort to your feet by using boost technology and keeps you in style by giving the fashion sense of the brand Kith. 

The materials used in pink suede, with black and blue accents, further elevate the design. In addition, it has 360° cooling that lets your feet feel comfortable as you climb for hours and hours.

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