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Turnstile is an American hardcore punk band that was founded in 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland, and quickly became one of the most influential players in the modern hardcore scene. The band is known for their energetic sound that mixes traditional hardcore with elements of funk, soul and even psychedelic rock, which has earned them a large following beyond the boundaries of the hardcore genre.

The members of Turnstile, including frontman Brendan Yates, are characterised by a dynamic stage presence and profound lyrics that deal with social and personal issues. Their music is not only loud and powerful, but also surprisingly melodic and rhythmically complex, which is not always the case in the hardcore scene.

Converse x Turnstile

In 2024, Turnstile announced a remarkable collaboration with Converse that further emphasises their creative reach. The partnership includes a special edition of the famous Converse sneakers with designs inspired by the band's aesthetics and album covers.

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