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Founded by Guillermo Andrade, the 424 fashion label has established itself as an influential player in the world of streetwear since its inception. With roots in the heart of Los Angeles, on Fairfax Avenue to be precise, 424 began as a boutique that quickly developed into a meeting place for culture and creative exchange. Andrade's vision was to create fashion that tells a story, drawing heavily on his own life story and cultural background for inspiration.

424 is known for its raw, emotionally charged designs that often address social and political issues. 424's signature style combines elements of high fashion and urban streetwear, making the brand distinctive in the fashion world. The designs are characterised by daring cuts, high-quality materials and often the use of eye-catching red accents.

424 and Adidas

One aspect of 424's growth is its collaboration with Adidas. This partnership has resulted in a collection that combines both the unmistakable style of 424 and the iconic sportswear elements of Adidas.
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