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Grateful Dead Bears
The Grateful Dead Bears, also known as "Dead Bears" or "Dancing Bears", are colourful bear figurines closely associated with the rock band Grateful Dead. These teddy bears come in five different colours - yellow, green, blue, orange and pink - with each colour representing a band member. They have a vibrant and psychedelic aesthetic that fits well with the Grateful Dead's music and cultural heritage. The bears have become an iconic symbol of the band and can be seen on album covers, posters, t-shirts and other fan merchandise. They represent not only the music, but also the strong community of Grateful Dead fans, often showcasing them at concerts and festivals.

Grateful Dead Bears x Nike SB Dunk Low

The Grateful Dead Bears x Nike SB Dunk Low was released in three variants: green, yellow and orange. While the green and yellow versions were available worldwide, the orange version was regionally exclusive and therefore particularly sought after. This collaboration united the worlds of music and sneaker culture and is one of the hottest sneakers.
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