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A Japanese brand that took birth into the fashion world and spices up the fashion game through Japanese American fire Couple Yoon Ahn and Verbal. Yoon Ahn blew off all the streetwear designers from the competition as she stirred up the elements of music, art, and youth culture. That is how this brand wears the tagline "cool-kid brand" as a crown, catering to the youth with their "Comfortable yet Stylish" aesthetics. From product design, and an art installation to music videos, AMBUSH has presented its bizarre image and delved into fashion enthusiasm in all high-profile collaborations. Toning down all the creativity with comfort can't be found everywhere, but AMBUSH made it achievable because everyone deserves to step up with swag!

The Crazy Swooshes

AMBUSH x Nike collaboration has broken down all the stereotypes of "One quality at a time" and given an all-rounder look to the sneakers. Revamping the sneaker look game, AMBUSH has added a variety of monochrome, vibrant, royal, yet practical sneakers.

Yoon Ahn knows how to leave a lifetime impression; therefore, she merged comfort for all genders. This quality was also displayed in their other collaborations and derived a sense of gender equality towards these brand fans. Without doing anymore delay, let's go through the products from AMBUSH x Nike

AMBUSH × Nike Air Force 1

Air Force 1 High and Air Force low are two types of this collab. This collaboration was carried out to commemorate silhouettes 40th anniversary. Both feature the new sneaker trend of the signature Swoosh logo patterns extending the heels and turning on the sneaker party. It has a sturdy platform and an upper made of buttery leather. It is made with monotonous blue, yellow, and green color schemes. Additionally, there is clear AMBUSH lettering on the sole.


This item was awarded following the pandemic of 2020 and released on the occasion of the Summer Olympics! It has all the fanciful and bright details to spread delight and peel away boredom or sadness. A unique leather upper that extends to the high leg and aids in the gripping of clips. The laces on the sole and amazing transitioned "Flash lime" hues draw attention from everyone and turn into an example of an AMBUSH design in themselves.

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