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Tyrrell Winston
Born in California and currently residing in Detroit, Michigan, artist Tyrrell Winston is known for his unique artwork created through years of collecting, organising and repurposing discarded objects. His artistic process involves obsessively collecting found objects on the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, fuelled by a combination of public service, research and a fascination with the enduring energy contained within these objects.
One of Winston's most notable contributions are his basketball wall sculptures, which serve as a visual exploration of an object's embedded history and abstraction of the past. These sculptures consist of found basketballs that have been transformed into sculptural forms and carefully assembled into predetermined compositions. In a time when connections are often intangible, Winston's creations serve as a poignant reminder that the things we neglect persist and carry the energy of human existence.

Winston and Reebok

Tyrrell Winston is causing a stir in the sneaker scene with his ongoing collaboration with Reebok. Despite the simplicity of the colour scheme, Winston's work with the heritage sportswear brand has a special meaning for the artist as it bridges the gap between artists and athletes. The Reebok Club C, a classic tennis model, has been Winston's favourite shoe in the studio for years. Since February 2022, he has already reissued this old-school silhouette twice.
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