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Tom & Jerry
Sneaker collaborations are no longer an insider tip in the fashion industry, but a permanent fixture that inspires collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike. These special partnerships between sneaker brands and artists, designers, celebrities or even pop culture icons often result in unique and coveted shoe models that are characterised by their creative designs and stories.

Tom and Jerry inspire the sneaker world

One notable example of such a collaboration is the link between the world of trainers and the iconic American series "Tom and Jerry". The famous cat-and-mouse duo has entertained and fascinated fans for generations, and their transfer to sneakers brings a playful and nostalgic touch to sneaker culture. These partnerships are characterised not only by their visual appeal, but also by their ability to evoke emotional connections and bring back memories of childhood joy and light-heartedness.

Reebok x Tom & Jerry

In 2024, we look back at the Reebok x Tom & Jerry collaboration, which bridged the gap between sneaker culture and the iconic cartoon series. The collection brought the playful cat-and-mouse duo to three Reebok sneaker models: Club C, Club C Revenge and Instapump Fury. Each model captures the essence of Tom and Jerry with unique designs and colours - from vibrant graphics to special materials that reflect the character traits. The collection was available for the whole family from 15 February 2020.
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