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Tom & Jerry x Reebok Club C Revenge MU

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Tom & Jerry
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Tom & Jerry x Reebok Club C Revenge MU release news

Tom & Jerry are by far one of the most famous cartoon characters of all time. Tom, the cat, and Jerry, the mouse chase each other in countless episodes, which can still be viewed today. Since 1940, they have been making us laugh with their jokes and accidents. In most episodes, you can see Tom chasing Jerry and it’s this whole insanely funny dynamic that draws us in to the show.

This year, the inseparable tandem will be turning an unbelievable 80 years old! Reebok celebrates this anniversary by designing four sneakers inspired by the famous cat and mouse we have all come to love.

Tom & Jerry x Reebok Club C Revenge MU release infos

The Tom & Jerry x Reebok Club C Revenge MU is perhaps the cleanest of the four. In terms of colour, the iteration does not go very far. A clean suede upper with orange accents remind us of Jerry. Both tongues are made of mesh and have playful embossings of Tom & Jerry.

On the outer sides, the cat and the mouse immortalize themselves with their logo, while colour-matched cartoon graphics are embroidered on the heels. The insoles are also graphically separated, while the transparent outsole with cheese graphics reminds of the mouse's obvious fondness for it.

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Tom & Jerry are popular cartoon characters. Hardly anyone does not know the famous duo. As you know, we update our sneaker release calendar daily with new releases and retailers, so you won't miss this release for sure.

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