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J Balvin

A reggaeton singer who took the world by storm (he has also experimented with electronica, house music, and trap), he is known for his outclass singing style and fan following. Yes, we are talking about J Balvin, aka 'prince of Reggaeton'. With a person who won several Latin Grammy & Music awards, you can expect a piece of great music coming your way. In collaboration with Nike, vibrant and eye-catching colours were added to the collection for multiple different sneakers and slides. 

Sneaker Collaborations

The combination of J-Balvin and Nike was a fruitful collaboration and a huge hit. J Balvin transferred his style onto the shoes, which felt like a cherry on top, because of the impeccable colour and design. This collaboration made fans of J Balvin go crazy, and the shoes became a go-to product for all the fashion freaks out there. 

The unique pattern, impressive and vibrant colours, heart-stealing design, and top-notch material make this collaboration memorable. The collaboration with BodegaWear built J's authority in the fashion industry, making him a bold and classy fashion icon. This collab resulted in the production of exceptional products. We hand-picked some of our favourite ones, so let's get into it:

J Balvin x Air Jordan 2
The J Balvin x Air Jordan 2 is the collaboration between Reggaeton singer J Balvin and the world’s renowned sneaker brand, Air Jordan. This shoe is a high-top one, which adds to its beauty as much as the colours do!

The inner sole makes you feel like you're walking on a cloud, with the pillow-like soft material used to craft and add comfort to shoes. The upper is made with canvas, leather, and cushioned material. It also has some traces of celestine blue and white spread all over the shoes. It also has cute little flowers that enhance the beauty of the shoes and add that energetic vibe to them.

J Balvin x Air Jordan Super Play ‘Celestine Blue”
The J Balvin x Air Jordan Super Play has the same colours as the Air Jordan 2. It comes with a soft sole that makes moving around in casual footwear easier. And the colour choice makes it more eye-catching than anything else. It comes with a white sole, and the upper body is made with leather and canvas material. The upper body, with celestine blue, and the sole with white colour, make a beautiful contrast.

J Balvin x Air Jordan High OG
The choice of vibrant colours says it all. Coming with rainbow colours cheered up people's feelings and made them buy the shoes without giving them a second thought. 

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