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Kaws | Art for the Eyes

KAWS is an artist whose real name is Brian Donelly. The artist is based in New York and is best known for making some of the sickest limited-edition toys, clothing and footwear. His work is seen all over the world and is appreciated in museums and galleries. Undoubtedly, he has to be one of the most successful artists of his time. 

Brian Donelly learned arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York and practised on the city streets. He was very famous for his graffiti work. His sought-after creative ad copies helped him reach mass popularity. He was soon working to focus on the images of different advertisements. Through his art, he gave a new meaning to these ads. He has even been a part of Disney as an artist, where he contributed to the art of films like Daria, Doug etc.

Soon, we saw his rise in the world of art and painting. KAWS was also applauded for work with acrylics and sculptures. Soon, we saw KAWS's three-way collaborations with Sacai and Nike to produce some over-the-top designs.

KAWS x Air Jordan 4

Various designers were reviving the old-school sneakers, and KAWS did the same. He took the famous shoe line of Air Jordan 4 and made it even better. This time he didn't add colours or artwork to it; instead, he made it glow.

Thanks to the icy outsole, the shoe now glowed everywhere you went. The shoe had a distinctive design of Jordans paired with the ability to shine through the dark.

Initially, the shoe was supposed to be kept a secret and kept from the general public. However, due to the overwhelming public response, both Nike and KAWS decided to release it for the general public. The shoe debuted in 2017 and was the start of all the great work in the pipeline.

KAWS x Sacai x Nike

One selling shoe in the series must be the Low Neptune Blue. It has an upper part made of leather that screams premium quality. Moreover, the multi-colours are used to add more character to the shoe. The iconic bulky swoosh tells everyone what brand you wear from a mile.

The colours and design draw inspiration from the original work of KAWS; he is known to have bright colour palettes to attract the eyes. In addition, KAWS XX initials are embossed on the outsole to let everyone know you care about art. 

Furthermore, various other colour options, such as Team Red, Purple Dusk, and Reed, were also part of the campaign. All the shoes have bright colour schemes that will turn heads as you enter the room. The one thing they have in common is over-the-top design with not-so-in-the-face marketing. The XX symbol is there for enthusiasts to know.
KAWS has collaborated with Nike to produce something for everyone. If you are looking for colourful options, the low top can be your choice. Whereas, for the lovers of monotone, the Air Jordan 4 might be better. Both companies are working with each other to produce new and better shoes for their fans.

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