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The history of the Nike Air Trainer 1

Ever heard of the Nike Air Trainer 1? This retro sneaker was designed in 1987 by a Nike genius named Tinker Hatfield. His idea was to combine the two types of training shoes that most athletes wore so they didn't have to change shoes between different activities. And voila! The world's first cross-training sneaker was born! This innovative shoe was tested by John McEnroe and what can we say? He loved it! Not only for its performance on the court, but also for its look. The strap over the forefoot may look strange to some, but to McEnroe it was unique and stylish. Even today, he is proud to have been involved in the development of the Nike Air Trainer 1. No wonder Nike continues its success story with this sneaker.

35 years of Nike Air Trainer - a classic returns

Probably the most famous colour combination of the Nike Air Trainer is the so-called Nike Air Trainer 1 "Chlorophyll". With its light green details on the tongue, the upper lacing eyelets, the Nike Air logo on the heel and the Nike lettering on the strap, it sets great colour accents on the white-grey-black upper of the Air Trainer 1. The shoe, which was released on 22 March 2022, may not feature the legendary chlorophyll green, but the matte mint green also makes a very good impression. Light grey suede overlays sit on a white leather base, which is complemented by a black smooth leather Swoosh and another black smooth leather overlay that originally served to stabilise the forefoot. The latter serves as an attachment point for the strap, which connects directly to the toe box and is located above the bottom of the lacing. A white nylon tongue completes this beautiful shoe.

Nike Air Trainer Collaborations

Nike collaborations have long been a staple in the world of sneakers, with some of the biggest names in fashion and entertainment putting their own stamp on the classic sneaker. Of course, the Air Trainer line has not been spared. Among these collaborations, the one with Fragment Design and Travis Scott for the 35th anniversary stands out. Fragment Design has released several editions, with each style featuring a different colour. Most notable is the Fragment Design x Nike Air Trainer 1 "Obsidian", while the Travis Scott version features a patchwork design with inconsistent colours and textures.

The different versions of the Nike Air Trainer

Over the years, different versions of the Nike Air Trainer have been launched, and each model has unique features that set it apart from the others. The Nike Air Trainer 1 is the original model that introduced the concept of the cross-training shoe to the market. The Nike Air Trainer SC, on the other hand, was inspired by legendary football player Bo Jackson and designed specifically for his style of play. The Nike Air Trainer 3 is a versatile shoe that can be used for various activities such as weightlifting, running and jumping. Finally, the Nike Air Cross Trainer is a hybrid model that combines the best features of the other models into one shoe that is suitable for any activity. With such a wide selection, there is a Nike Air sneaker for everyone.

Skaters rely on the Nike Air Trainer

The Nike Air Trainer 1 has received little attention since its first release. In the meantime, the concept of cross-training has been replaced by other sports such as CrossFit, which has led to the sneaker not getting as much attention. The inefficient design with its many layers of material and seams would no longer meet current standards. Nevertheless, Nike releases fresh colour combinations from time to time that maintain the silhouette.
Looking back, a strange synergy developed when the skateboarding community adopted the Nike Air Trainer. Skaters have always loved Nike's basketball shoes, especially the Air Jordan 1 when it first came out, and later the Dunk. Nike's marketing strategy and familiarity with Savier, the predecessor to Nike SB, now defunct, and a model called the Trainer, which was essentially the silhouette of the Trainer 1 without the Swoosh, helped create another community outside of the traditional sneaker subset that appreciated what the shoe had to offer.

The history of the Nike Air Trainer 1 may be long and somewhat complicated with its many collaborations and versions, but it is also a clear sign that this shoe is and will remain a classic due to its impressive design and immense popularity. Despite minor changes to the silhouette and materials over the years, the sneaker's core design has remained largely unchanged, making it an absolute staple in fashion today. Although new models are released every year, there is no doubt that the Nike Air Trainer will continue to be a favourite for many generations to come. Don't want to miss out on these releases? Then you should download our free Grailify app. We'll keep you up to date with the latest news.
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