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Nike ISPA's core principles - Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt - focus primarily on practical yet creative solutions for those who consider cushioning and comfort at the highest level as the starting point for their footwear. On this basis, Nike has delivered a variety of unconventional options that have broken with the traditional concept, at least aesthetically. However, ISPA goes beyond the visual and examines the manufacturing processes to find solutions that align with Nike's sustainability goal and close the product loop to create truly sustainable products.

Sustainable sneaker revolution with Nike ISPA

Nike ISPA Link is changing the world of footwear from the ground up. With its innovative problem-solving philosophy, the ISPA Link offers a completely adhesive-free shoe that can be produced in just eight minutes. This fast production time is a fraction of the time it takes to make a conventional sports shoe. In addition, the shoe's three interlocking modules are designed to be easily taken apart and recycled at Nike shops that offer a recycling and donation service. The midsole is made of pins that fit through openings in the larger upper, while the lower part can be replaced to extend the life of the shoe. In addition, the upper is made from recycled materials that are turned into yarn.

Nike expands the line with the ISPA Link Axis

Nike has consistently developed eco-friendly materials and design solutions and has now embraced circular design. The Nike ISPA Link Axis is a breakthrough shoe that is easily recyclable yet offers premium performance and style. This footwear is designed around the principle of circular design and uses innovative materials such as recycled polyester and TPU to minimise environmental impact. The shoe's ease of disassembly facilitates recycling and remanufacturing, resulting in a drastically reduced carbon footprint and opening up new perspectives on the footwear lifecycle.
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