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Finding the right fit for your game shoes for optimal performance is quite important, especially in basketball. In the course of an entire basketball game, the human foot can expand by up to half a shoe size. Logically, of course, it can happen that the sneaker worn no longer fits, as well as presses some places painfully after a few minutes of play. Since the needs of the foot can change abruptly at a given time in any sport, the perfect solution has naturally been sought by many manufacturers over the years. This has resulted in a number of innovations, particularly at Nike, and they are designed to effectively address and alleviate the problem. Inventions like the popular Flyknit were very popular and satisfying solutions, but the original problem of changing needs was never really eliminated. With the introduction of the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 in 2016, however, the foundation was finally laid for the long-awaited revelation. The first multifunctional performance shoe with power lacing from Nike achieved what most sneaker fans could only dream of: kicks that adapt fully and automatically to the wearer's foot. This immensely important step then ultimately led to the finalised Nike Adapt technology, which was able to achieve the long-awaited custom fit with the help of the advanced power-lacing system, the associated mobile phone app, and the further developed firmware.

Nike Adapt - What's Behind the Sophisticated Technology?

When putting on a sneaker with Adapt technology, a motor and special sensors ensure that the exact pressure needed for the perfect fit on the foot is determined. The tractive force of the lacing system is about 16 kilograms and thus ensures the perfect fit during every single movement.

Not to be forgotten is the very practical FitAdapt technology, which is the brain of the entire system, so to speak. With the help of the special controls on the sneaker itself or the corresponding Nike Adapt app on the smartphone, the wearer can adjust the pressure of the shoes to their own needs at any time. This makes it possible, for example, to switch easily and repeatedly between a loose and a tight fit within a single basketball game. During a timeout on the bench, you can give your feet a little more air in a very short time. In addition, owners of the Adapt sneakers can look forward to numerous firmware updates in the future, which should improve the precision of the entire system and constantly bring forth new functions.

Nike Adapt - Extensive Tests

Advanced technologies usually have to undergo really extensive tests in order to reach the market in the desired quality. The Nike Adapt system is probably the most perfect example of this, especially because so many electronic elements have been built into the respective sneakers. For example, each individual shoe had to undergo around 480 kilometres of walking and withstand around 30,000 impacts with a weight of 350 kilograms. Furthermore, the Adapt technology was exposed to a constant temperature of 60° Celsius with a humidity of 85%. As if that were not enough, the respective sneakers were doused with approximately 300 litres of water within three minutes to ensure extensive waterproofing. In addition, the controls on the sides of the shoe were operated about 40,000 times, and the lacing system had to undergo 2,900 lacing cycles. Of course, they wanted to guarantee that the sneakers with Adapt technology would survive quite a few uses. If you look at all these figures in their entirety, then you can say with absolute certainty that Nike Adapt still works excellently even in the most critical situations.

Nike Adapt - The Foundation for the Future

Shoes with the unique Adapt technology are the first performance models from Nike to be continuously updated due to the symbiotic relationship between the sneaker's firmware and the associated app. This impressive success of the FitAdapt system has thus laid the foundation for the next generation of sneakers. We can't wait to see icons like the Air Max or the Air Jordan with the innovative technology. To make sure you don't miss a new release of these unique Nike Adapt shoes, subscribe to our newsletter or download our Grailify app directly!

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