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So here we have a sneaker that has quite a long history, exactly 25 years. And it doesn't just have history, it can also convince with its visual appearance and is a classic in the Air Max range.

History of the Nike Air Max 2 Light

The Air Max 2 is an important model in terms of Nike's Air Max history. The first Air Max 2 was designed by Tinker Hatfield in 1994. But that was also the last one. It was also the first running shoe in its time to embody Air technology with several different chambers and different air strengths.

Now it returns as an almost exact replica of the original 1994 version. So here we have the original design back on the road. For many, it's still a lesser-known silhouette, as it deviates from classic Air Max models. The Air Max 2 Light was already a more striking and playful model in 1994. The Air Max 2 Light also has a very narrow swoosh and the silhouette is somewhat similar to the Nike Air Max 180. The sneaker was something of a forerunner for other popular Nike Air Max models, such as the Air Max 95.

Material of the sneaker

There is one thing that clearly sets the Nike Air Max 2 Light apart from other Air Max models. It belongs to the lightweight Air Max series. Instead of polyurethane, a Phylon construction was used to make the midsole. The mostly aggressive and eye-catching design is also unlike any other. The look is futuristic, exciting and stylish. Meanwhile, there are also several new colourways of the Nike Air Max 2 Light.

In this sneaker, the foot is optimally stabilised by the various chambers and air cushions. But it has to be said that only the heel area is equipped with the Air system. In the forefoot, Nike uses another well-known cushioning system, the Nike Zoom system. So here are two ultimate technologies from Nike. If that doesn't scream of a successful sneaker.

Opinions from the internet

Everyone agrees here. The sneaker is not only visually very appealing, it is also convincing on the foot. With its perfectly optimised cushioning system and the ultimate running feeling, you can only feel good in this shoe. Many wore it back then, missed it and now it's back.

Conclusion on the Nike Air Max 2 Light

If you don't have this sneaker in your wardrobe yet, you should get it. The Nike Air Max 2 Light is one of the favourites of the Air Max range and should be celebrated accordingly. It can be perfectly combined, brings a piece of history with it and catches the eye. There are also some cool colourways, so there's definitely something for everyone.

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