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But what do football boots and sneakers have in common? Sure, somehow the connection to sport, but we don't usually report on football boots. That is still the case now. The special thing is that adidas is dropping another relaunch of the shoe. This time, however, a version without cleats! Sounds mega nice, doesn't it? A real shoe icon that you can now also wear on the street and not just on the field.

Material of the adidas Predator

The adidas Predator has no laces at all, just like the football boots. In addition, you have an upper that is extremely reminiscent of a sock. The feel is also like that of a sock. However, this is not meant in a negative way, but in a very positive way. The shoe fits your foot perfectly and doesn't pinch. This means that you have maximum control over the ball on the court, of course, but also a super comfortable sneaker off the court. The adidas Predator uses adidas' BOOST technology in the sole. So it really is maximum performance. There is also a nice selection of colourways that should definitely suit everyone's taste. The cage on the heel gives the sneaker that special something and attracts a lot of attention.

adidas Predator History

Here the history goes back to 1998. Of course, at first it was only a football shoe, but a lot of knowledge gained during the development has been incorporated into the new sneaker. The adidas Predator has so much history that it even has its own Wikipedia article! Very few sneakers have that. Almost every year, a completely new design was created so that the shoe could do even more on the pitch. It really is a legend!

Opinions from the Internet about the adidas Predator

It is important to note that these sneakers are really meant to be worn and not played with. This is not an indoor football shoe, but a real sneaker outside the football field. Of course, you have to get used to the look first. What is particularly striking is that the sneaker looks like a sock. But if that doesn't bother you, you'll be very happy with this adidas Predator sneaker. Unlike a football boot, the foot is not supported quite as much here, of course. Everything feels much looser and is really meant for the shoe to just be comfortable. This adidas Predator is perfect for casual wear as the entry is extremely quick and nothing interferes with wearing it. You should order half a size larger, although the shoe often fits even if you tend to order a wrong, smaller size, as it is so extremely elastic.

Conclusion on the adidas Predator Sneaker

If you want to have an icon that has a lot of history and has been developed for over 20(!) years, then the adidas Predator sneaker is really perfect. You should be aware that you should not wear this sneaker for sports, but really as a leisure shoe. It is extremely flexible and adapts perfectly to every foot. So, go straight for it!

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