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Vans SK8 Hi | A Real Dinosaur in Sneaker History

The one shoe that is getting even better as years go by has to be the Vans SK8 Hi. As the name suggests, it is a high-top shoe with designs that sets it apart from the competition. The shoe was initially released to cater to the skateboarding community's needs. 

However, now it is known for doing anything you want from it. Wear your favourite outfit, or just hit the gym with these shoes. The Vans SK8 Hi never lets you down. The rubber waffle design, with a durable upper part, makes it suitable to withstand all scruff and scrapes.


In 1976, the world saw the birth of the iconic SK8-Hi. At its time of release, it was called Style # 38, which was later into the famous now name. It was the first shoe that provided extra care and comfort to the skaters. Due to its high-top style, skaters and their ankles were safe even if they fell from the board. 

Decades have passed since its initial release, and the shoe is still relevant. And this has become the reason for the success of the brand. Vans have always adapted a similar design in their boots, but still, they manage to make every footwear a success.

Moreover, the brand is for all rebels and skaters. Thus, the SK8-Hi provided a large canvas for people to draw on. Users can customise one to make it theirs apart from all its excellent colour options.


The SK8-Hi has leather and canvas panels that increase the premium feel while making it comfortable. As for the sizing, getting your foot in the shoe may take some time. But, once it is in, it gets comfortable quite quickly. It features a wide toe area with optimal room for relaxing your feet.

Also, it has the famous Vans Waffle sole, which gives you an excellent grip in the park or the gym. You will feel energised even after using the shoes for a long time. However, the laces are one area where the shoe needs to improve. After some time, the shoe starts to feel loose and might feel loose when skating.

Moreover, the canvas shoe could have better grip. So it is recommended you don't try something crazier on your board. However, it is the very reason that makes it suitable for hitting the gym. One can easily squat or lift weights while having a firm grip.

Reasons to Buy

  • Timeless Design
  • Can be Used While Skating or Hitting the Gym
  • Looks good in any casual outfit
  • Padded Collar to Preven Ankle Injury

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not Easy to Put On
  • Not Made for Hot Weather Conditions

Final Thoughts

The Vans SK8-Hi are the go-to shoes if you want to look cool doing anything you do. It is the shoe that looks good at a party or the gym. Its high-top design makes it comfortable but also keeps your ankles safe. Also, the large canvas design allows consumers to boast about their creativity on the shoe.

Despite having all the great qualities, there are some points where the shoe needs to improve. For starters, it may take longer than usual to wear. And, it might get hot after running or working out a bit due to its high top.

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