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New Balance 997

Founded in 1906 as an independent sneakers manufacturer, New Balance is continuously making an impact on sneaker lovers all over the globe. It always empowers youth with quality sneakers by supporting an irreplaceable blend of style and classic. 

This business was the dream project of William. J Railey that became famous in 1960. It was the time when sneakers became the forefront of the sports industry. The company updated its style in 1980 to make its products a first choice among booming athletes. Material durability and a classy design keep these sneakers winning people's hearts.

This brand has always been unique because of its ancient-styled theme product strategy. Steven smith designed the New balance 997 in 1990, featuring a jacked-up sole, sleek midsole and elite-quality upper sole. Flexible to fit in your feet any time. 

New Balance CM997HVA Grey

The New Balance CM997HVA 'Grey' is a treat for sports lovers. It comes in a combination of grey and white. Launched in 2021, it embraces the authentic presentation of elite style and innovation. Crafted with premium materials, the CM997HVA 'Grey' boasts a suede and mesh upper in a versatile shade of grey. 

An outsole made with eco-friendly material makes this shoe the #1 choice for those looking to invest money in footwear. You can wear it for jogging, sports or usual activities as it guarantees durability. Its midsole provides cushioning and shock absorption. So you can stay on your feet all day without any tired feeling.

New Balance MS997JCF

New Balance MS997JCF is our next top choice. Its premium design and attractive colour combination make it worth your money. The breathable mesh upper allows for optimal airflow. Keeping your feet cool and dry no matter how intense your workout gets.

But it's not just about function - these kicks look good too! The sleek design, bold colourway, and iconic "N" logo make a statement whether you're hitting the gym or hitting the streets.
You'll be much more comfortable enjoying your long-distance rides with a punchy sole. Take your sneaker game to the next level with these sneakers.

New Balance CM997

If you want to keep your sneaker game minimal and elegant, check out this New Balance CM997.  With a combination of hazel green and grey, it holds the perfect blend of retro style and modern comfort. Made with long-lasting material and an elegant design, it holds the flexibility to fit any shoe size.  The CM997 delivers style and breathability with its premium suede and meshes upper. It is affordable and ready to work for any party and dinner date. 

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