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New Balance 920

New Balance 920

The sneaker company New Balance is renowned for its premium shoes and cutting-edge styles. William J. Riley started the business in 1906, primarily making arch supports and other accoutrements for sportspeople to enhance comfort and performance. 

The Trackster, the company's first running shoe, was released in 1960 and soon gained popularity among runners due to its excellent performance and fit. 

In the 1980s, New Balance emphasised making shoes for more sports, such as cross-training, basketball, and tennis. The New Balance 920 is a well-liked sneaker style in today's market. It has a sleek, contemporary design, snug fit, and rugged construction. It comes in various colours and styles to accommodate multiple preferences and likes. 

New Balance M920SKR Sport Block

The New Balance M920SKR 'Sport Block' is a high-quality shoe for athletic performance and style. With a black and red colorway, this shoe is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement. 

The M920SKR was released on July 24th, 2021, and is part of the New Balance 920 line. This model features advanced bumper technology and a durable outsole, ideal for training and everyday wear and tear.

New Balance Made in UK 920 Pink

The New Balance Made in UK 920 Pink is a fashionable and cosy sneaker for everyday wear. This model has a pink, grey, and white colour scheme and is constructed from high-quality materials for support and longevity. 

The shoe is a part of the New Balance Made in UK line, highlighting the company's dedication to top-notch construction. The New Balance Made in UK 920 Pink is a must-have for sneaker lovers who respect style and substance due to its slick design and superior manufacturing.

New Balance M920INV Navy

The New Balance M920INV 'Navy' is a comfortable sneaker with a classic design. The shoe features a cortege blue upper with brown and black accentuations, giving it a dateless and adaptable look. It's part of the New Balance 920 collection and is made with high-quality accoutrements for continuity and comfort. 

The shoe was released on September 8th, 2022, and it's an excellent choice for those looking for a classic sneaker that can be worn on colourful occasions.

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