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KangaROOS: This Hole is G-rated

KangaROOS: This Hole is G-rated

Okay. We definitely had to look twice for this. Are you pimps looking for some sneakers to match? Then, be sure to check out the partner stores on March 7th. KangaROOS and the shoe shop glOry hOle have designed an incredibly ingenious sneaker. Maybe we don't have to say much about the name.

The so-called "Glory Hole" (or Ehrenloch) has become famous in this country because of Reeperbahn. It is a hole in the wall for, yes, how do we say it—for anonymous sexual encounters.

The sneaker shop of the same name glOry hOle has designed KangaROOS, a sneaker that perfectly picks up on the Reeperbahn theme. A black leather upper reminds of the visitors of Reeperbahn who like to perform with patent leather.

When you think of this sinful street from Hamburg, the red and pink lights immediately come to your head. The tongue tag as well as the velvet lining contrast with the eye-catching colour, while the thick rope laces remind of the harbour. The legs spread on the heels finally round off the unique design.

Don't miss the release of the glOry hOle x KangaROOS Ultimate R1 "Reeperbahn"

Such editions of KangaROOS are often very limited. This model was only produced 400 times. You can find the edition number on the back portion. The release date is March 7th.

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