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Alien "Cosmic Way Runners" Collection from adidas

Alien "Cosmic Way Runners" Collection from adidas

Images of a pretty freaky collection consisting of four different releases have now surfaced. According to these, adidas will apparently be releasing some new AdiFOM Q shoes.

As Complex reports, the images show a new collection called "Cosmic Way Runners". Consisting of a total of four sneakers, the Spring/Summer 2023 collection is inspired by the "exploration and colonisation of other planets" and theorises what a futuristic collection might look like after travelling through space.

According to the images, the unusual collection consists of two different adiFOM Q releases and two different Supernova Cushion 7 colourways. Both come in a "Mars" and "Neptune" colourway, with all styles featuring the currently popular "used look".

Release of the adidas "Cosmic Way Runners" Collection

Currently, there is no official information from Herzogenaurach. If you believe the rumours from Complex, the collection should be released in December 2022. We will of course keep you updated!   

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