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New adidas Yeezy 450 "Cinder" Gets a Two-Tone Sole

New adidas Yeezy 450 "Cinder" Gets a Two-Tone Sole

Update 22.03.2022

The official images of the adidas Yeezy 450 "Cinder" have been released, but you're probably asking yourself the same question we are. Do these new pics match the images below? Obviously not, but perhaps an update from adidas will follow soon. Nevertheless, this version will be released on March 24th via adidas CONFIRMED in full family sizing. Check the link above for more details.

Update 07.02.2022

Insiders has just given us a better look at the adidas Yeezy 450 "Cinder" today. The new colourway is very interesting as the shoes get a lot of attention due to the two-tone aggressive soles. Unfortunately, no release date has been set yet, but a spring 2022 drop is suspected.

pics by @thy.prin.ce
Original article 12.01.2022

Ye tries to outdo himself every year when it comes to releasing even more Yeezys. This year, the rapper aims to provide us with a whole load of new sneakers, as several releases are still waiting to drop. Adding to the list is a new variant of the adidas Yeezy 450, as insiders uncover a "Cinder" colourway that is set to drop this spring.

The adidas Yeezy 450 has already been released in three colourways, but the new adidas Yeezy 450 "Cinder" stands out from the rest. Not only is the muted colourway new, but the two-tone sole also draws attention to the sneaker.

As for the sock-like Primeknit upper, the knitted half of the adidas Yeezy 450 "Cinder" is a light shade of brown. The collar and laces also match the colour of the upper. The claw-like soles, on the other hand, start with a dark brown tone on the back and gradually transition into a light brown hue as we approach the toes.

Don't Miss the Release of the adidas Yeezy 450 "Cinder"

Unfortunately, there is no confirmed release date yet, but the adidas Yeezy 450 "Cinder" will probably drop in spring 2022. The price of the sneaker should be around 200€ again.   

pics by @yeezymafia

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