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South Park and adidas Plan Big Things for 2022

South Park and adidas Plan Big Things for 2022

Update 21.03.2022

The six-piece South Park x adidas collection is now online at Foot Locker. Check out the link above, and get your hands on the sneakers before they are sold out. More details can be found in our release calendar.

Update 15.03.2022

The South Park x adidas Forum Low "AWESOME-O" has now been confirmed in selected regions for March 21st. Other sneakers from the multi-part collection are still missing, but we're keeping an eye on things. It's possible a similar release date will follow in our country.

Original article 30.12.2021

Apparently, adidas and South Park are planning more releases in the coming year. The Campus '80s "Towelie" kicked off this year and was snatched up from the virtual shoe shelves, leaving many South Park fans empty-handed. A few months later, in November, more releases joined in. Confirmed so far are the following:

And just before the end of the year, we get even more wacky South Park x adidas sneakers confirmed:

South Park x adidas NMD_R1 V2 "Professor Chaos"

Professor Chaos is another character from the South Park universe. Behind the pseudonym, Professor Chaos is Butters Stotch. He is the archenemy of the superhero The Coon. Professor Chaos's assistant is General Disaster.

Professor Chaos wears a tinfoil helmet that is open at the top to reveal Butters' blond hair. At the front, the helmet is open in a T-shape so that his eyes and mouth can be seen clearly. The headgear also has a yellow dot with a red border, which can be found at the level of the forehead. Also typical is the mud-green cape with hood and the associated support, consisting of a silver chain and two ornaments connected by it. Underneath, Professor Chaos wears a turquoise sleeveless top and dark green trousers. Grey gloves and shoes wrapped in tinfoil are also part of the outfit. Source: South Park Wiki
This adidas NMD also appears to match the character. The shoe comes with a turquoise upper and some tinfoil style overlays.

South Park x adidas Forum Low "AWESOM-O"

AWESOM-O is a robot that Cartman built in Season 8. This Forum Low is a tribute to this character. The shoe comes with a leather upper and curved laces. The box design and insoles are also based on the "AWESOM-O".

Don't Miss the South Park x adidas Releases

There are quite a few South Park x adidas drops scheduled for this year, so stay tuned! An exact release date for the styles is not yet known. We will of course keep you updated!  

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