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13 Reasons Why the Sneaker Community is the Best

13 Reasons Why the Sneaker Community is the Best

Whether you're a seasoned sneaker lover or a newbie, you know that so much of what we see sucks. Other sneakerheads, stores, releases, models, colourways - there's something to gripe about at every turn. But sometimes we should change our perspective and think. We come together because we're all into shoes, how awesome is that? In fact, what we do is so much more amazing than we realise. And sometimes we should sit back, relax and celebrate the awesomeness of our culture. Here are 13 reasons why the sneaker community is simply the best ever. (Header image Josh Parkin)
1. It is about friendship

The enthusiasm for sneakers can be superficially interpreted as pure consumption. But the truth is, if you're really passionate about it, it's a community thing. You're not alone and you make friends - often without realising it. You meet on release days, in Facebook groups or WhatsApp chats and everywhere else. It's a community thing.
2. It is always connected with art and other creative activities

No matter from which angle you look at us, we are a bunch of creative minds. There's so much energy in this thing on every level - the design, the colourways, photos, videos, campaigns, stores or releases. And that's led to a lot of people who are into sneakers taking their passion into other areas. Whether you want to set up your own design agency, shoot photos or organise events, sneakers can show you the way. (Image: @ghicapopa)
3. Everyone has their own style (almost everyone)

Of course, many people buy the same stuff and look the same. But don't forget that there are still so many different tastes out there. It's a diverse game, you can buy and collect whatever you want, and that's just great. Check out some of the amazing collectors we've featured on this website so far.
4. Photography is sick

Photography plays such an important role in sneakers these days and it's amazing the level we have reached as a community. Do you know of any other activity or area with so many great photographers? (Image: @kane)
5. The history is rich

Sneakers are about history. Full stop. We build on the foundations of the past, and once you really get into it, you will learn so much. Your passion for adidas or Nike will automatically lead you to Adi Dassler or Bill Bowerman - and that's just the beginning. It's a great education.
6. The development never stops

You don't have to be around for three decades to realise that this thing is constantly changing. A little over a year ago, adidas launched the NMD, and look at what has happened in that short span of time. And the other brands are not sleeping either. We're going to see so many developments and it's a fantastic time to be interested in sneakers.

7. There is no age restriction

Unlike sports that really destroy the body, trainers can be with you well into old age. It may change and eventually fade into the background, but you can be a sneakerhead until you're ready to go to your grave - with the footwear of your choice. (Illustration: Peter O'Toole)
8. It is a global community

We are not building walls, but a global community. Sneakerheads are everywhere - at least in developed countries among people who are not struggling to survive. Your passion can lead you to travel and many adventures with like-minded people from all over the world. (Image: Showstudio)
9. The gossip is big

Trainers are a 24/7 multimedia thing, and most of it is a constant conversation with lots of great gossip. Sometimes it's too much, but if you don't take it seriously, it's great entertainment.
10. The hunt never ends

Every sneakerhead is on his own personal hunt. You know what you want and you figure out how to get it. That's one of the biggest thrills, and if you don't know it, you'll never find out what it means.
11. Sneakers stand for sport

If you're into sneakers, there's no way around sports - even if you spend most of your time behind a screen. Trainers are designed for sport and activity, and we're raised to be that way.
12. Collabs are great

Of course, not every collaboration is good - not by a long shot - but if you cut through the crap, there are great stories told on a pair of shoes in a box. Good collaborations are small works of art and deserve to be displayed in a museum. (Image: Lobster Dunk by Concepts Store)
13. The passion is incomparable
The greatest thing about the passion for sneakers is the passion itself! It is what connects us and the engine that drives us forward. 

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