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Pre-order the Futuristic Balenciaga X-Pander Now

Pre-order the Futuristic Balenciaga X-Pander Now

The new silhouette from Balenciaga is a rather unusual, technical, eerie silhouette but still in typical Balenciaga form. The X-Pander is getting all the attention, and soon, you will be able to wear the new shoes. Pre-orders are already underway.

You can now sign up for the controversial X-Pander at Balenciaga's online shop. The first selected colourways include "White", "Black", "Pink", "Grey", "Red", and "Yellow". But now, let's take a look at these leather-free fashion avant-gardists from Balenciaga.

Once again, it's the unmistakable style from the label that makes the X-Pander so unique. The heel is far from the ground, contracting with a 40-mm arch when you step on it. Could Balenciaga have taken inspiration from the running shoes of the early 2000s to meet the needs of sneakerheads in the era of 2021?

In other places, then, the sneakers strongly resemble their predecessor. A mesh base and layered look are reminiscent of the Track sneaker.

Pre-order the Balenciaga X-Pander for 995€

You can now buy the new Balenciaga X-Pander for 995€ directly at Balenciaga. Check out the link here.


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